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Tocca Candles Create a Unique Atmosphere

by on April 16, 2010

This enchanting line of candles adds a unique accent to our already luxurious line of fragrances for your home. Tocca means “touch” in Italian, and we believe that name exemplifies the touch of elegance these candles will bring to your living space. Tocca candles have an earthy, robust scent that fills up a room, and yet is delicate enough to create the perfect ambiance.

Tocca candles come in several sizes so you can pick the perfect candle for your setting. With a combination of romantic and exotic aromas, the Tocca candles fit any décor. Even rooms that seem to elude the perfect scent, such as studies or dens find their perfect partner in Tocca candles Leather Martini Candle, or the Agadir Candle Tobacconist Shop. All of the powerful, yet subtle aromas provide the senses with a relaxing and inviting bouquet that soothes the soul.

Enjoy the exciting fragrances of spring by adding a citrus scent to your rooms with Cleopatra Candle (Grapefruit Cucumber). The light and fruity scent is sure to brighten even the darkest day. Other delightfully unusual fragrances from Tocca is the Tocca Montauk Candle (Sea Grass) which conjures images of the vast ocean, comforting ocean breeze, and salty spray with this hearty candle at the helm of your room.

Tocca Cleopatra Candle Grapefruit Cucumber Candle

Tocca Cleopatra Candle Grapefruit Cucumber Candle


Tocca may lean toward the unconventional when it comes to the types of fragrances you will find, but that is what makes them so valuable to your collection of stylish aromas. Tocca candles in your home will make every room a wonderful and new experience for you and your guests. Tocca candles are featured in ads in such notable fashion media as Harpers Bazaar, New York Times, and Elle. Now your home can have the benefit of these renowned candles too.

Delight your guests with the Montecristo Candle (Wild Daisy). With a 60-hour burn time, typical of the Tocca 10.6 oz candle line, you can enjoy many evenings of delightful whimsy with this beautiful candle. Other garden delights include such offerings as Yma Candle (Guava/ Red Currant), and Ydra Candle (Fig Cucumber). For the traditional flower bouquet you will enjoy the Tocca Feu De Touch Candle (Gardenia), as well as the Tocca Florence Candle (English Rose/Iris Root). With so many to choose from you will surely find the unique Tocca scent to match your personal style.

Tocca candles began in 1996 in the hearts of a group of friends who wanted to bring fine fragrance and clothing to the world. Edoardo Mantelli, one of the original members of the group, remains as the Creative Director of the company he began back then. Gordon Finkelstein, who joined him shortly after the new company began, is now president. What started in a 400 square foot office in an unassuming area of the garment district soon sold in elite stores.

Tocca developed a quick and strong following due to their unusual approach to their fragrance and other offerings. Patronized by such notables as Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore, we are proud to display their wonderfully aromatic candles and make them available to you in our store.

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