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Ergo Candles

by on April 16, 2010

Few things can transform any ordinary room into a luxurious, atmospheric abode faster than a high-end candle. That is exactly what the Ergo Candles offer. Forget those candles your mother had in the back of the pantry, in case of a blackout. Forget the cheap candles of the hippie dorm room days. Ergo candles are classy and stylish–an atmospheric item that can bring exquisite scents into your home.

The Ergo Candle Pearl Collection truly showcases the strength of the company. From the design of the boxes, available in gold and silver variations, designed in an art nouveau style, to the classic, thick matted glass housing the candles themselves, this line is elegance itself. The intricate blends, which combine up to a hundred notes, include selections such as Pearl Ch’i, Pearl Zen, and the decadent Pearl Dark Chocolate Candle.

Ergo Spectrum Candles, Ergo’s most popular line, feature fragrances that are intricate without being overwhelming. Their blend of scents cover a spectrum that runs from the sumptuous Dark chocolate, coriander and Tahitian vanilla combo to a more fruity pink grapefruit offering, and includes eclectic scents designed around spearmint and praline. The lively design features–what else?–a full rainbow spectrum of colors.

Ergo Spectrum Candles

Ergo Spectrum Candles

Finally, Ergo Solo Candles are perfect for anyone who has a deep appreciation for that one particular scent — be it Solo Watermelon, Solo Pear, Solo Tangerine, or Solo Passion Fruit. Packaged in fun, dot-covered boxes, the Solo candles deliver that one exact favorite scent that many of us have.

It goes without saying (but we will say it anyway) that Ergo’s candles are of an incredibly high quality. They are made of 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks. The premium fragrances are attentively designed and blended, and all the candles are hand-poured, ensuring a unique premium product.

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